UPDATE: Shuffle Play, Re-Order Queue, Merchandise and More!

Posted on September 27, 2022

Everyday I’m Shuffling

It’s been a while since our last update and we’ve been working hard on adding a few new features that many of you have been requesting. We’ve also added a few ways to help support Jukebox Star to keep it free. Read on to see what is new!

Shuffle Play Queue

Many of you have asked for an option to play the queue in “shuffle mode”, which would play the queued songs in a random order. We’ve now added this option under the “Edit Jukebox” page. This is ideal if one of the jukebox users has added a few songs back-to-back, essentially “hogging” the next few plays. Shuffling will ensure that any song in queue has a fair chance of being played next. If “queue hogging” is a problem with your Jukebox, you may also be interested in setting a user queue limit.

Re-Order Queue

Jukebox owners can now re-order the play queue by drag-n-dropping the tracks into a new order. This could be handy if you would like a certain song in the queue to be played next or to spread out similar songs in the queue. To re-order a queue, simply tap and drag the grab handle for a track and move it to it’s new order.

Turn off User Queue Delete

In our last update, we enabled users to remove tracks from the play queue which they have added. While this is great for users with their own accounts, we understand that this can be problematic for jukeboxes which use a shared “Guest account” for their users. Therefore, we have introduced an option under the “Edit Jukebox” page which allows you to turn on/off the ability to users to delete tracks for the play queue.

Merchandise Shop

T-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, stickers and so much more is now available in our brand new Jukebox Star Merchandise Shop. Products are available in many sizes, colours and designs. You can even create your own! Every purchase helps support Jukebox Star.

Delivery is available in many countries. You can choose your country at the bottom of the shop’s webpage.

Donate to Jukebox Star

We have now introduced a new option to support Jukebox Star by simply sending a donation via PayPal. Donations will be used towards the costs involved in keeping Jukebox Star running and improving. We thank everyone for all your support so far!

If you are setting up Jukebox Star for the first time for a bar, restaurant or club, check out our guide on how to set up a jukebox for Bars, Pubs and Restaurants.

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