UPDATE: User Queue Limits & Remove From Queue Option

Posted on October 19, 2021

You asked, we delivered!

There is nothing worse than when someone hogs the jukebox, forcing everyone else to listen to two hours of their favourite songs, back-to-back. This is why we have introduced the new “User Queue Limit” setting for jukeboxes on Jukebox Star.

User Queue Limit allows jukebox owners to set the maximum number of tracks a user can have in the queue. Setting the user queue limit to “3” will ensure that no one can have more than 3 songs in the queue at one time. When a user’s song is removed from the queue, by either being played or deleted, they can then add a song again. This setting can be set from 1 to 10 tracks, or keep it set as “unlimited”.

You will be able to find this setting when adding or editing a jukebox.

Along with this update, we have also given users the option to remove their track selections from the queue. Therefore, if you hit your queue limit, or decide you want to play a different song, you can remove your songs from the jukebox queue.

With these updates, we are making Jukebox Star a more fun and fairer experience for everyone.

If you are setting up Jukebox Star for the first time for a bar, restaurant or club, check out our guide on how to set up a jukebox for Bars, Pubs and Restaurants.

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