UPDATE: Jukebox Playlists, Admin Controls and More!

Posted on April 11, 2019

Jukebox Playlists, admin controls and more - Jukebox Star - Free Social Music Video Jukebox

We are excited to announce some awesome new features we have recently added to “level up” your next social get together, including playlists, more control over your jukebox and many improvements and fixes.

Build Custom Playlists

We’ve made it easier for you to quickly play your favourite tracks. Build unlimited playlists such as ‘Rock Anthems’ or ‘Dance Classics’ and add tracks to your playlists. Playlists make it quicker to find and add the best songs for your jukebox. This is also a great way to set the mood for a get together.. Log into Jukebox Star and start building your playlists today!

More Jukebox Controls

You don’t always want anyone to add any song to your jukebox, especially if you are trying to set a particular vibe. That’s why we have added new jukebox controls to allow you to control what songs can be played. You can now restrict users to only select tracks from playlists or which have been played before on your jukebox. Furthermore, you can manage your jukebox’s track history and block tracks from being played again.

Faster to use, Improved Random Play and Bug Fixes

Along with additional jukebox controls and the playlists feature, the entire Jukebox Star design has been re-built to make it faster and easier to use including quicker adding of tracks and faster page loads. We’ve also improved the random play feature to prevent the same songs playing over and over. Finally, we’ve fixed a number of annoying bugs including preventing the video player from automatically going full screen on iOS devices.

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