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How It Works

We've kept things pretty simple, but here is how Jukebox Star works:

1. Create an Account

It's completly free and takes less than 60 seconds!

2. Find a Jukebox

Create a jukebox or check-in to an existing one.

3. Turn Up The Music

Start queueing up your favourite music to be played.

Everyone Is the DJ

No more 'Speaker Hogs' or asking someone else to put a song on for you. With Jukebox Star, anyone checked-in to the jukebox can add a song to the play queue.

Free for Everyone!

Anyone can use Jukebox Star for free: parties, bars, clubs, restaurants...anyone!

Totally Free

We don't do 'free trials'. Jukebox Star is free, forever.

Limitless Usage

No limits on adding tracks or creating jukeboxes.

No Subscriptions

You don't need any premium accounts to use Jukebox Star.

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Jukebox Star works on most platforms and devices. No download required.